Resilience Task Group

The work of this Task Group facilitates the delivery of the Heritage Sector Resilience Plan – a roadmap to a stronger sector.

The Task Group has worked closely with Historic England in the detailed drafting of the Heritage Sector Resilience Plan, building on the previous priorities identified in the Heritage Recovery Plan. A number of online workshops were held in late 2021/early 2022 to identify key topics for inclusion in the Plan, together with suggestions for actions to enhance the resilience of the sector.

The Resilience Plan covers five themes: skills, strong governance, climate change, diversity & inclusion, and embedding heritage in wider public policy.

The Task Group is now working with Historic England and HEF members to monitor delivery and facilitate a cross-sector, collaborative approach to achieving greater long-term resilience for heritage. 

The Plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure it is a live document, responsive to emerging challenges and opportunities.

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