Green Skills in Heritage Task Group

This task group focuses on skills gap in the heritage sector to properly deliver on environmental sustainability.

The HEF Green Skills in Heritage Task Group brings together organisations from across the heritage sector and affiliate sectors to connect heritage jobs/careers to the green jobs market. It was set up to deliver an action of the Heritage Sector Resilience Plan.

The group aims to deliver the following tasks:

  • Understand the breadth of green skills needed in the heritage sector to progress the work towards environmental sustainability, and ensure that the sector is able to harness the potential of funding streams related to environmental sustainability for the benefit of the historic environment;
  • Coordinate with other working groups to gather evidence on the green skills needed in the heritage sector and assess gaps,
  • Explore how to stimulate demand of these specific skills.


The group has started mapping the green jobs needed in the sector, and identifying the issues which might hinder the ability of organisations to deliver actions to support sustainability, and the funding available. The group also aims to liaise with other groups working on related topics; if you are part of a group working on an affiliate topic and you want to share what your group has achieved, please get in touch with Fran, Task Group Manager.