The Historic Environment Forum (HEF) announces that Adrian Olivier has been appointed as Chair. Adrian has worked at a senior level across a wide range of heritage activities, crossing traditional professional and subject-based boundaries, and has a broad operational perspective alongside a strong understanding of the wider historic environment. He had a long-term involvement as a lead expert for the Council of Europe, and he continues to work closely with European and international organisations, alongside national bodies devoted to the protection and promotion of the historic environment. “The essential purpose of the Historic Environment Forum is to foster collaboration and coordination between its members – Adrian commented – and I am absolutely delighted to be given this opportunity to contribute to the work of the Forum and to help the sector work collectively to develop and pursue its common objectives”.

Adrian succeeds the present interim Chair, Dr Ben Cowell, Director General of Historic Houses, who commented: “The Historic Environment Forum brings together all of the leading organisations with an interest in the historic environment in England. It has been an honour for me to serve as interim HEF Chair while the search was on to find a replacement for the outgoing chair, John Sell. With his substantial experience in the sector Adrian Olivier is an inspired choice as the new HEF chair, and I look forward to working with him in this role.”