HEF is seeking a consultant to provide a methodology to review the resources allocated in the sector to reach net zero

As part of the work of the task group focused on Green Skills in Heritage, HEF wants to commission a consultant to provide and test a methodology to build a dataset to systematically review the allocation (or aspiration) of resource that the historic environment sector aims to employ to reach net zero and environmental sustainability 

The final purpose of the dataset is to provide visibility of sector needs and inform advocacy to Government and other public bodies, on the skills provision needed and the scale of financial resources required by the sector to meet the net zero target. 

As part of this work the consultant is expected to:  

  • Liaise with task group members.  
  • Develop and test (for example using a sample of organisations) a methodology to collect high level information on:  
  • The budget already allocated (secured and financed) to support works to net zero. Of this budget, it would be useful to know what percentage is capital/reserves or loan.  
  • The budget which would be needed by organisations to reach net zero, based on evidence, but not financed yet.  
  • Develop recommendations to deepen the insights to provide more granular data to be linked with the skills needed (and the alignment with training availability and provision).  


Full details can be found here 

The deadline for applications is 26 April 2024. Questions and applications can be submitted to Francesca Benetti, Task Group Manager: heftask2@historicenvironmentforum.org.uk