We’re now able to share the questions which will be discussed in the next #HeritageChat on ‘Funding & Fundraising in the Heritage Sector’, led in collaboration with Tricolor Associates:  

  1. What kind of funding opportunities do you think are missing from the current offer for the sector?
  2. Do you think that funding application processes are easy for small heritage groups to navigate, and what could make funding opportunities more accessible to them?
  3. How significantly has COVID-19 impacted funding and fundraising in the heritage sector and how useful are the COVID-19 recovery funds?
  4. Recent guidance on emergency funding was mainly focused on reopening physical heritage sites. What can be done to ensure that funding gets to all parts of the sector?
  5. Have you ever used digital crowdfunding? What challenges have you faced?
  6. Share a great example of how funding can be used to make sites more inclusive and accessible to audiences and/or the workforce.
  7. In light of Covid-19, are you aware of any funding for progression in the heritage sector in 2021? For example postgraduate scholarships, traineeships, CPD schemes etc.

Join the chat and discuss this timely topic with us!