COP26 Task Group

This Task Group aims to create a unified voice for the sector on climate change and sustainability, ahead of COP26

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on. 1 – 12 November 2021. Inspired by the summit’s aim to ‘unite the world to tackle climate change’ the HEF COP26 task group will:

  • Create reference/coordination tools for HEF members providing overview of sector climate change-related activity, policy and comms.

Why? To support info-sharing, provide opportunities for collaboration, and support organisational decision-making.

  • Create a sector and public-facing shared statement on climate change to be launched ahead of COP26 highlighting key messages on climate change challenges, solutions and opportunities covering carbon reduction, adaptation and resilience, and green ‘heritage skills’

Why? To support creation of a united voice for the sector on this topic, equip the sector with key messages across sustainability and inspire positive action on climate change.

  • Produce some shared comms on climate change and heritage ahead of COP26 (main audiences: sector and some public-facing).

Why? To improve understanding of solutions and opportunities, inspire action across the sector, and to encourage continued support from the public –demonstrating how our sector can best support climate change solutions. 

  • Collate best practice case studies to support the above-mentioned statement and shared comms (main audiences: sector and some public-facing).

Why? To showcase the progress already made by organisations across the sector, to allow others (sector and public) to learn from real-world practical examples and to encourage continued support for our sector’s work in this area.

The task group’s work will also provide a basis for identifying further specific actions beyond COP26.