Historic Environment Protection Reform Group

HEF has endorsed the Historic Environment Protection Reform Group (HEPRG), originally set up in 2014 to devise solutions to address the continuing reduction in heritage resource in local authorities. Proposals were consulted on in 2016, and have been actively pursued ever since.

HEPRG continues to consider proposals for reform, identifying opportunities for alignment with other sectors/agendas, and, potentially, for informing some of HEPRG’s own future activity. Recently, HEF supported the extension of HEPRG’s remit to include planning, and the Group’s revised Terms of Reference can be viewed here.

In its work to suggest, examine, recommend and help to implement proposals, both reactively and proactively, for the reform of the planning and heritage protection system in England, the Group continues to:

  • Seek to reduce the risk to heritage assets and the historic environment without reduction of protection.
  • Ensure that proposals are effective on the ground, addressing historic environment legislation, policy and practice in a practical way.
  • Adopt a realistic approach, which is pragmatic in the delivery of proposed reforms, by
    • minimising new freestanding legislation or changes to policy;
    • using other legislative vehicles where possible;
    • aligning with other agendas.

The Group’s work programme is currently under review.

HEPRG is currently resourced by Historic England, which chairs HEPRG’s meetings.