Sustainability and Climate Change Task Group

This Task Group aims to support the heritage sector to create sustainability and climate change plans for their organisations, including advice on Net Zero

The HEF Sustainability & Climate Change Task Group brings together organisations from across the heritage sector to share learning and knowledge on sustainability and climate action. The group has connected colleagues with climate change and net zero experts, and pooled advice and guidance for the benefit of the wider sector.

Below is a summary of the work out Sustainability and Climate Change Task Group aims to achieve:

  • Convene a cross-section of heritage sector organisations with varying experience of implementing sustainability initiatives.
  • Provide a sector-wide forum to share learning and exchange practical advice on sustainability, setting a carbon baseline and reducing carbon impact, including phased approaches for smaller organisations for example.
  • Develop and/or tailor sustainability and climate change plan templates to the needs of heritage sector organisations.
  • Ensure collaboration with existing groups and networks tackling similar initiatives.

The Task Group has used this shared learning to produce tools and templates specifically relevant to the heritage sector and which are easily implementable and shareable. You can find all the materials brought together by the Task Group, including our HEF Net Zero Resource List and HEF Net Zero Guide, on our dedicated Sustainability & Net Zero Resource Page.