What does ‘innovation’ mean today in heritage? What challenges may be tackled through innovation? May’s #HeritageChat explored these topics, in collaboration with the National Lottery Heritage Fund and The Young Foundation. as part of a new research and development project. The chat built on the results of a series of workshops run by NLHF and The Young Foundation, and the responses shared in the chat will be included in their ongoing analysis.

The chat wanted to encourage ‘blue skies thinking’ in relation to innovation and collaboration in the sector. It started by exploring the ‘distribution’ of innovation in the last years, through the identification of the areas where heritage innovation energies have been concentrated over the last five years. Then, participants were asked to share case studies of effective collaboration between different parts of heritage (HEF is a successful example!) and of the adoption of innovations from beyond heritage. Participants shared thoughts on how to move forward, and on what would they need to innovate in their work. The chat concluded with a forward-looking question on future challenges in the next ten years. Read here the summary of the chat.