We’re now able to share the questions which will be discussed in the next #HeritageChat on ‘Local Heritage and Local Listing’, led in collaboration with the Council for British Archaeology:  

  1. How can local communities have a meaningful role in identifying local heritage?
  2. How wide should the criteria be for identifying heritage assets that might be placed on a local list?
  3. How concerned should we be by the current changes to permitted development demolition rights? For example should they be removed for local listed buildings as they have been for pubs, music venues, theatres.
  4. Should locally listed buildings be given the same level of protection now being proposed for statues and plaques?
  5. What might the implications be for how locally listed buildings might be treated in the planning process – will the designation relate to external features only?
  6. Do you think LPAs should have a statutory duty to initiate the preparation and publication of local lists?

We look forward to discussing this fascinating topic with you!