Heritage Sector Resilience Plan: Sector Interviews

Is your work contributing towards a more resilient heritage sector? We’d like to hear about it!

In June 2022, the Historic Environment Forum launched the Heritage Sector Resilience Plan 2022-24: a roadmap to a stronger, more robust heritage sector. Since then, cross-sector collaborative action has been underway in key areas that will bolster the sector landscape in the longer term.

Over the next 18-months, we’ll be speaking with colleagues from organisations across the historic environment sector about the important resilience projects and activities they are involved in and what results they hope to achieve. 

We will be exploring projects and activities under each theme of the Heritage Sector Resilience Plan: 

  • Between October and December 2023, our first round of short interviews will focus on the theme of ‘Skills’.
  • Between January and March 2024, we’ll be publishing interviews on the theme of ‘Climate Change’ – we’re actively seeking collaborators who’d like to showcase how their work is contributing to longer term climate resilience in the heritage sector.

Get involved 

If you’d like your work to feature in our interview series, please contact us at HEFSteering@historicenvironmentforum.org.uk to find out more.