Our monthly Heritage 2020 Twitter Chat, #HeritageChat, will take place on Thursday 21st May (1 – 2 pm) on the theme of ‘Digital Skills in Heritage’. It has been designed in collaboration with The Heritage Alliance which is one of four partners in the Heritage Digital consortium project focused on digital skills development for the heritage sector.

This Heritage Chat is an opportunity to discuss the digital skills that heritage organisations see themselves as needing to improve, as well as providing an opportunity to celebrate success stories.  Please follow @HeritageChat to take part on the day.

We’re collecting suggestions for questions or issues that you’d like to see discussed as part of the Digital Skills in Heritage Chat on our Google Doc: https://bit.ly/2LfyKvA

This document will be live until 17th May. After that we’ll share the questions that will be used as part of the chat through @Heritage2020, @HeritageChat and https://dev.dev.historicenvironmentforum.org.uk/get-involved/heritage-chat/.