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The original vision for getting involved with Heritage 2020 included an annual consultation on the Heritage 2020 Framework and the evolving strategic priorities, to take place in the autumn of each year. This process was followed in 2016 and the 2016 Consultation summary is available below. As of 2017, the annual consultation has been replaced by a monthly #HeritageChat.

2016 Heritage 2020 Consultation

The 2016 Heritage 2020 consultation asked for your contributions to the themes that have been identified as priorities for short-term action by the five working groups.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their insight and views to the current areas of activity which include: research needs, diversity in public engagement, the new Apprenticeship landscape and its potential to build capacity of the workforce, Local Authority service provision with respect to the historic environment, guidance and support relating to the transfer of publicly owned assets, resilience of high streets and how Heritage 2020 can support you in building and communicating a positive message about the contribution of the historic environment to politicians and Government.

The consultation responses have been shared with the Heritage 2020 HEF subcommittee and the working groups. This summary of the responses shows common themes and how the Heritage 2020 working groups are taking forward the suggestions received during the consultation in the development of their activities for 2017-18. Read the summary of the Heritage 2020 consultation responses, 2016.

It is anticipated that the priorities will evolve year by year within the existing themes, and that a major review of the definition of the themes and the structure of the framework will be undertaken before a new Heritage 2025 framework is published in draft for consultation in 2019, prior to its introduction in April 2020.