Ahead of the launch of our report Heritage Responds, #HeritageChat discussed Heritage & COP26.

COP26 is a great opportunity for UK organisations to think about their work, and how heritage is linked to climate change. Participants were asked to share the small and big steps they are taking to tackle climate change; where there are gaps in research; what policy changes need to be made to prioritise the reuse and repurposing of historic buildings. It was recognised that many conversations related to climate change focus on the built environment, so Heritage Chat participants explored how we can make sure other sectors are considered in decision-making, and how we can involve local communities. Linked to this last topic, the Chat finished with a focus on international matters.

This #HeritageChat was run by our own Suzanne Huggett-Jones (HEF COP26 Task Group Manager) in collaboration with the members of the task group and Emma Healey (Heritage Declares).

You can read the summary of the chat here.