Diversity in Heritage – #HeritageChat

Heritage 2020 held its fourth #HeritageChat on the 15th February 2018. One year on from the Heritage 2020 Foresight workshop on 'Diversity in the historic environment sector', the discussion continues, focused particularly on improving diversity in heritage participation. The session was led jointly by @HeritageChat and The Heritage Alliance @heritage_ngos. Last year's Diversity workshop concluded that there are three key areas in which action is needed to address diversity issues: data, process and perception. This time, #HeritageChat explored the topic through 6 question prompts: We've compiled the answers to each question below, but you can also look back at the conversation chronologically on Twitter via #HeritageChat. The discussion first asked whether the issue of class had been overlooked in conversations about diversity in heritage. Contributors then discussed barriers to a more diverse workforce, from part-time contracts to rigid recruitment processes: Apprenticeships were considered as a potential way to improve the situation. Does the intersection between class and ethnicity in part explain the underrepresentation of BME in heritage? Opinions were divided on the use of targets to drive improvements in diversity. Contributions shared ideas and resources for self-assessment: Finally, #HeritageChat considered examples of innovative practice in improving diversity: Contributors shared a few final thoughts and links before this very productive session was wrapped up: Many thanks to everyone who participated in this month's #HeritageChat! Our next chat will take place on the 15 March (13.00-14.00) on the theme of Industrial Heritage. Do get in touch if you'd like to help run it!