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Upcoming events:

We host a Twitter chat every month to discuss various themes in the sector. Find out when the next one is here.

Past events:

2018 Heritage 2020 foresight day

On the 8th March 2018, Heritage 2020 held its yearly foresight workshop on a digital theme, and asked the question: what’s over the digital horizon for heritage? Participants came together to discuss opportunities for collaborative working and in groups were asked to identify a single ‘digital ambition’ for each of the following four themes: 1) New audiences; 2) Skills; 3) Conservation management; 4) Re-use of data.

Find out what they came up with by reading a detailed report on the day here.

Alternatively, find a condensed summary here.

Apprenticeship reform Workshop

On 15th March 2017, the Capacity Building group hosted an Apprenticeship Reform Workshop, as part of its work to help address barriers to skills development. Participants were updated on the Apprenticeship Levy and Apprenticeship Reform in England, including the Trailblazer process; shared experience and practice in developing new apprenticeship standards; and established next steps and priorities going forward. These outcomes afford a shared level of knowledge and understanding, reflecting Heritage 2020’s mission to strengthen partnerships and collaboration across the historic environment sector.

2017 Heritage 2020 foresight day

On 8th February members of the Heritage 2020 working groups and the Historic Environment Forum came together to discuss diversity in the historic environment sector and how priorities could be addressed through collaborative working. Notes from the day are now available. The challenges, priority actions and suggestions for collaboration could be grouped under three main headings of data, process and perception.