Heritage 2020 Working Groups:

HEF 2020 sub committee

The Heritage 2020 Framework was a product of the Historic Environment Forum (HEF) on behalf of the historic environment sector. Its delivery was overseen by a HEF sub-committee.

The Heritage 2020 Framework is covered five strategic themes and a working group was linked to each theme and tasked with identifying actions that would deliver the goals of the Framework. The chairs and vice chairs of each working group sat on the HEF sub-committee to ensure a coordinated strategic approach. They provided oversight of the project and were able to identify the potential for both gaps and overlaps in the issues that the groups addressed.

Members of the HEF sub-committee in 2020:

Chair: Ben Cowell (Historic Houses)
Mike Brown – Chair, Capacity Building group (Institute of Historic Building Conservation)
Kate Geary – Vice Chair, Capacity Building group (Chartered Institute for Archaeologists)
Matthew McKeague – Chair, Constructive Conservation and Sustainable Management group (Architectural Heritage Fund)
Jonathan Thompson – Vice Chair, Constructive Conservation and Sustainable Management group (Country Land and Business Association)
Joseph Elders – Chair, Discovery Identification and Understanding group (Church of England)
Gary Grubb – Vice Chair, Discovery Identification and Understanding group (Arts and Humanities Research Council)
Ingrid Samuel – Chair, Helping Things to Happen group (National Trust)
Lizzie Glithero-West – Vice Chair, Helping Things to Happen group (The Heritage Alliance)
Marie Millward – Chair, Public Engagement group (IVE)
Sandra Stancliffe – Vice Chair, Public Engagement group (Historic England)

Previous Chair: Mike Heyworth (Council for British Archaeology)
Previous subcommittee members
Gill Bull, Chair, Public Engagement group
Kate Pugh, Vice Chair, Helping Things to Happen group
Carol Pyrah, Chair, Constructive Conservation & Sustainable Management group
Crispin Truman, Chair, Public Engagement group
Jan Wills, Vice Chair, Capacity Building group

The Heritage 2020 project ran initially as a three year project managed by the Heritage Alliance with financial support from Historic England. The project funding enabled The Heritage Alliance to provide a secretariat and the fundamental project management needed for developing and communicating the work of the five cross-sector Working Groups that underpinned Heritage 2020, as well as support to the Heritage 2020 Sub-Committee of the HEF.

In July 2018, there was an interim evaluation of Heritage 2020 in 2018 which assessed the impact on sector collaboration. The Heritage 2020 programme received further financial support from Historic England to continue until 2020. As part of this second phase of activity, it was also tasked with looking at how the sector can collaborate effectively beyond 2020 and this work was led by the Helping Things to Happen working group.

The work resulted in the development of a new model of operation for the Historic Environment Forum, with refreshed governance and a new focus on time-limited Task Groups, guided by a Strategic Framework that identifies areas that are a priority for sector collaboration for the period 2020-2025.